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Brown Trout Idaho

Mark somewhere up in Canada in 1979 while Trout Bumming from his motorcycle. 


A young Mark using his 1972 Ford Bronco for overlanding the west. 

Working as a game warden  

Mark  becoming a full time Trout Bum again

Mark packing fishing equipment (float tubes and more), deep into the wilderness for a unique fly fishing trip for clients.

About Us

Mark is a recently retired Conservation Officer and has been a long time passionate fly fisher.

 He began tying flies and fishing with a fly rod in high school. He has fly fished for everything from bone fish in the Florida Keys to salmon in Alaska, but greatly enjoys introducing others to the world of fly fishing and Trout Bumming.  

In 1979 before he became “civilized and educated”, set out after High School on his motorcycle for a year traveling all over the USA. He literally lived the lifestyle of a trout bum, chasing wild trout, always in new locations. Living from a motorcycle for a year was challenging yet exciting and during this time he perfected what he began calling... Trout Bumming. “Family and friends thought I was nuts”.

 Afterward he returned to higher learning establishments and the police academy and worked a career as a game warden. While working a career of chasing poachers he never relented in finding new locations to seek wild trout even on a game warden budget.  

After retirement recently, he returned to full time Trout Bumming and today writes and photographs for several fly fishing magazines, as well as guides fly fisherman near Teton and Yellowstone Parks.
He is also known for his action/adventure and natural resource photography work which appears in magazines, books and ads throughout the US.

Natural Resource Photography.com

His photography schedule takes him around the nation where he of course plans extended Trout Bumming adventures.

He has been married to his wife Mary for 30 + years, who also enjoys chasing trout from their family home near Yellowstone National Park.  

Mark began fishing the Mountains around Teton and Yellowstone Parks in 1982 and the rocky mountains have been some of his favorite places to trout bum in with his Belgian Malinois dog “Orvis”.

During summers, Mark makes time to guide fly fisherman near Yellowstone National Park which he greatly enjoys. 

Trout Bumming through Grand Teton National Park in 1979, on a Honda 750K

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