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Trout Bums and Technology

I am quite a tech bum and use app and computer technology to aid me in Trout Bumming. But I have found  that most trout bums don't use social media all that much or at all. They tend to be off the grid kinds folks except when it comes to finding information about future Trout Bumming locations or equipment. So like me we selfishly use the internet furiously for gathering information while researching future Trout Bumming locations.


FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and others simply donít interest me. Now I have been advised over and over again by professionals to utilize social media for making myself known, selling products and gain followers and friends.


For right now Iíll pass stay off the grid, but I may give in someday.  Hope you all understand.


Below are some of my favorite and recommended links.  Remember to check out the links I have placed on each of the lifestyle pages. Enjoy.


Trout Bum Equipment Resources


Camping Backpacking and more


Tenkara Resources


KLR 650 & motorcycle info


Trout Bumming Travel resources

Private Home Rentals




RV Boon Docking Resources

RV Work Camper Resources

Maps for Smart Phones and Computers

Trout Species

Fly fishing and Tying Magazines Many of these you probably never knew existed. Some are excellent resources for planning future Trout Bumming adventures. A complete and comprehensive list (updated 12/16).

Trout Fishing Conservation Organizations

Game Warden Associations

Federal & State Wildlife Agencies in USA 

Random Acts of Kindness and Generosity Movements 

Trout Bum Fly Shops

Trout Bum Towns

My Favorite Fly Fishing Information Sites & Blogs

Known Trout Bums

  • John Gierach . . . the Trout Bum King living the example.   

  • Jack Brown . . . known for mentoring and leading to the Trout Bum life.

  • Lou Peck . . . known for matching the hatch and bear spaghetti.

  • Mutt Webb . . . known for mentoring and perfecting homemade float tubes.

  • Nick Fiorini... who works for Snake River Anglers, out of Jackson Hole WY, known for his trout bum lifestyle and obsessed with pursuing monster trout throughout the west.

Trout Bum Books

Trout Bum Movies

Trout Bum Music

My Favorite Fly Tying YouTube Sites

Trout Bum & Bumming  Definitions

Trout Bumming Sites

Outdoor Survival


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