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Upper Madison River in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming



Iím in my 50's now and have been experimenting with unusual Trout Bumming lifestyles for many years. On a game wardenís salary, I was financially limited and had to do this through creative, economical means. Some of my trips have been total failures and others I refined over the years and deemed them successes. These are obviously not the only ways and may not be a good fit for you, but I've placed allot of information throughout the entire site for you to review for usefulness. 


Iíve only met a few Trout Bums over the years, as we Trout Bums tend to not to be social butterflies when involved in the activity. But, when I come across a like-mined Trout Bum, itís interesting how lifelong friendships developed. 

Thus the reason Iíve developed the vehicle stickers and other Trout Bumming gear. It will aid you in identifying other Trout Bums around the nation.


Below Iím going to outline a few ways Trout Bumming has worked for me. Refer also to our Blog /Question and Answer page for further information.



Id like to add a disclaimer here as this advice comes from a guy that lived off a motorcycle for a year Trout Bumming, worked a career which required lots of camping while doing wildlife law enforcement, survey work and other patrols. I simply love camping and obviously pursued it even on my days off when Trout Bumming.  So my attitudes and methods listed below are a bit skewed.


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