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A rental vehicle is Perfect for Trout Bumming Adventures.

















Rental Car Trout Bumming


I have used this method a lot over the years because it's economical, easy and full of adventure for me. I pick destinations around the nation that I always wanted to fish and begin a plan. 



For long distance trips I use air travel instead of driving long distances. This is combined with renting a vehicle. I search the Internet travel sites in advance for discount plane tickets. Once purchased I then schedule a rental vehicle, again through discount online travel vendors. Then I do more final research for campgrounds, grocery stores, fly shops, fishing locations and more. Many times I do this ahead of time to be sure I want to go there, and if its economically feasible for me.


Rental Cars

I have used rental cars a bunch for Trout Bumming. 

For Trout Bums the off tourist season times are the best fishing seasons! So the good news here is, one can get some very good weekly rates on rental cars, planes and motels during these times!

When choosing a rental car for trout bumming I stay away from compact vehicles simply for comfort reasons.

Be aware, although rental vehicles are perfect forms of transportation into National Parks, most companies have policies against driving them off road.

Check with your own insurance company, but I always decline insurance and fill the auto up with gas at a pre-scouted location, near the airport upon return. I use four different methods while Trout Bumming in rental vehicles listed below


TB Tip...   Rental car companies will often upgrade you for no additional costs during reservation process.


Sleep in the car.

When doing this Iíve found a mini van or small SUV works perfect. There is plenty of room and I bring along the same backpacking gear I would normally use for overnight hiking. With an inflatable mattress and sleeping bag, Iím comfortable in the car. I usually sleep on location in forests, parks and campgrounds. When traveling to locations, if needed, Ill sleep in a motel or Walmart parking lot.


Sleep in a Tent

If your Trout Bumming adventure takes you to known camping locations plan for a small car and sleep in a tent. This method work good combined with overnight backpacking trips from trail heads that lead to lakes, rivers and streams. 


Tent & Hammock Options for Travel

Tents are personal and subjective. But, consider small compact tents for airline travel. Look for tents without frame systems that fit inside suitcases easily. Frames that break down work also.


I own two types of tents.  A super ultra light system (Bear Paw Designs Lair, with extended beak, 8oz) that I carry when backpacking and a two pound tent (Big Agnes Scout Plus UL2) that I use for motorcycle/ATV and Rental Car Trout Bumming.



More and more people are choosing to sleep in a hammock. If you are planning a trip to forested locations this may be an option for you. I recommend only one kind of hammock. Warbonnet Outdoors is a small cottage company that builds (Black Bird) the most comfortable hammock out there. See link below and tell them we sent you over. In the spring and fall cold can be an issue under your hammock, and the best way to deal with it is an under quilt made for the specific hammock you bought. If you will be encountering bad weather get a hammock tent and I recommend one with storm doors. If weather persists consider moving back into the car or motel. 


Motels and Hotels

Rarely will I use a motel every night as it usually takes me far away from locations I plan to fish. But moteling it is an option for those who donít like camping. When I stay in a motel it's usually a nice middle of the road, known chain motel. I prefer Holiday Inn Express, Sleep Inn and a couple of others. I don't like cheap mom and pop motels, just me. If your OK with less expensive motels you can save allot of money here. 


Here is an example from Field & Stream, of a couple of guys Trout Bumming across the west on a budget, and how they did it.


Click here


Plan ahead for motel reservations and use online travel companies for discounted rates.

I do combine motels during extended trips. I always plan for a motel the last night near the airport, before I board a plane for return travel. 


TB TIP...  If you look for motels 10 miles or more away from an airport you will save money. Airport motels are expensive. The same motel away, will be approximately Ĺ the cost.


Cabin and Home Rentals

An alternative to staying in a motel is to rent someones home or cabin. This works well for Trout Bumming because many of these are located near fishable waters. This is especially economical when several people are sharing the trips expenses. Most of these residences are clean, cozy, comfortable and often again near famous fly fishing rivers. See below links for more information.


Other Adventures while Trout Bumming

When rental car Trout Bumming, there are other things to do. These can be combined throughout the trip. For me, I always look for parks to visit, museums, places for nature photography, unusual restaurants, wildlife agencies, fly shops, and locations to pursue one of my other passions in life, Conservation Paleontology. 


Lastly I like to participate in the Tip Your Bill Movement so I plan ahead when eating out and leave great tips to servers. I encourage you to also. Click here to visit the TipYourBill.com website.



Casting Further...



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