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Resting after a great day of fishing in a Trout Bum camp after a shower.





Cleanliness and Hygiene while being a Trout Bum 

For me cleanliness and hygiene is important so I’ve figured out ways that work. I'm sort of a borderline self admitted germ freak anyway. I can assure you that there is nothing worse than being sick on TB trip. Good time to use a motel. 


First airplanes are tight, filthily germy environments. My brother is a commercial airline pilot so I have some inside scoop. Consider getting a seat in the front of planes because fresh air is piped in there, and exits the rear of planes. Carry hand sanitizer with you and use it in airports, restaurants, and to wipe down your rental car. Paper wipes work good also. A small can of Lysol spray works well if your moteling it. Studies show the dirtiest thing in a motel is the TV remote. The dirtiest thing in restaurant are the salt and pepper shakers.


In between motel uses I have found this works good for me. First many campgrounds have showers. Use them for cleanup. You can bring a towel with, or when stopping for supplies simply buy one, and throw it away when done with your trip. When I’m backpacking and car/motorcycle camping I use what is called a “pocket shower”. This is a very light backpacking shower that is heated by solar during the day and tied to a upward tree limb for use. I use a plastic bag below it for my feet while showering. Use safe environmental soaps. Truck stops have also been an inexpensive option for on the road travel, they have private showers for around 7 to 10 bucks. Petro and Little America Truck Stops have been the cleanest. 


TB Tip... In many resort towns laundry mats offer coin operated showers. Try using an app named AllStays for locating showers. Lastly bring along a pair of flip flops for public showers. 


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