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Start kids on productive streams. Don't worry about catching a monster, just as many as they can




Trout Bumming with Family, Kids, Dogs and more


We suggest you also plan Trout Bumming trips with your family. Bring friends along or even kids that do not have a father in their home. Statistics show that when you introduce, or mentor a young person in an outdoors activity, they usually continue with that activity throughout their lives. Take plenty of photos of your kids, or you will have wished you had years later. Trout Bumming with the family brings families closer together.


TB Tip... 

I have personally found that starting kids on a Tenkara rod, targeting small fish works best, and keeps the focus on the basics. 



 Iíve trained and used dogs in my work to locate wildlife kill sites, protection, for family pets, and hunting. When Trout Bumming it simply seems natural to me, for a trout bum to have a dog along. 

These days I still use the Belgium Malinios breed known for their fierceness, alertness, high energy, and I train them to watch out for bears, because I work in grizzly bear country. I actually named my latest Mal, "Orvis"

Dogs simply love to go outdoors and especially fishing, and make the perfect companions when alone. Make sure they are well trained so they don't get hooked. The Trout Bumming RV lifestyle lends its self best when traveling with a dog. Rental Car Trout Bumming does not.

TB Tip...

I hate to say this but its true. Remember when Trout Bumming with others, not everyone will love your dog or kids like you do. Sometimes its best to just leave them at home. 


TB Tip...  Ruffwear makes quality dog packs so they carry their own needs when out on Trout Bum adventures. Dog food, water, first aid, snacks and more can be carried in their packs. Place dog food in a water tight freezer bag. It keeps the odors down and the food dry.

Remember small dogs can actually become a hazard for you when in the wild. They attract wildlife... mountain lions, coyotes, wolfs instead of deter. 


TB Tip...

Attach a couple of bells to your dogs pack and they will become a noisy ringing bell, thus aiding in alerting bears to move on. They can also be easily heard when trying to locate them in brush.


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