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Elk in Colorado on a Trout Bumming Trip


Photo Courtesy of Randy Wiberg

Nature and Trout Bumming

Besides being somewhat materialistic when it comes to fly fishing equipment and of course hats, trout bums are often infatuated by nature. For me Trout Bumming is much about our natural world. It's a chance to slow down and look at all the wonders within nature and of course trout.

I participate in all parts of our natural world including life and death. We believe eating unprocessed foods leads to a much healthier body. Thus the reason we grow our own garden, harvest our own meat, try not to live a fast paced life and stay physically active. But I also take in ALL the sights and sounds of nature, finding everything fascinating. Many people do not and I say this from a fly fishing guide perspective.
For some people its all about catching that "big" fish and Face Booking it for likes and recognition. They miss everything else about the trip and this becomes the all consuming focus. Others find it so very hard to slow down while on a trip, because they live fast forward lives back in their work world, so rush from one quick experience to another.
All of this being said I encourage each of us to slow down when on Trout Bumming Trips, look around at the fascinating natural world you happen to find yourself in.

Below are suggestions that I believe make Trout Bumming a more enriching experience as well as some interesting facts about nature. To find out even more click on the links near the bottom. Take in all the sights, sounds and smells of the fly fishing experience.

  • Fish... As of 2011, there are 31,300 different species of fish in the world. Each year more are discovered. There are 52 species of trout/char/steelhead.

  • The name "trout" is commonly used for three of the seven genera in subfamily Salmoninae: Salmo, Atlantic species; Oncorhynchus, Pacific species; and Salvelinus, including char.

  • Entomology... the interesting world of insects. There are 91,000 species of insects in just the United States. Trout Bums are fascinated by them and closely study insects eaten by trout, then tie flies that mimic them.

  • Wildlife Viewing... from large mammals to small birds. There are two million mammals on earth. Birds species number 9,956.

  • Trees and plants... the interesting world of water plants to forest floor life. There are almost 1000 species of native trees in the USA.

  • Rocks and minerals... unusual rock formations especially ones shaped by water.

  • Water... clean waters from seeps, springs, creeks, rivers, marshes, swamps, ponds and lakes.

  • Weather... clouds, rain, snow, light and darkness

  • Fire... specifically campfires, warmth, comfort, relaxation and reflection

  • Campsites... finding perfect campsites especially next to waters, moving and still

Things to pay attention to when out Trout Bumming
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