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Famous Green River. Hiring a Guide can be a Huge Benefit while on Trout Bumming Adventures



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Hiring a Guide


Hiring a guide for a day or two in the area you plan to go Trout Bumming in, can really help. Youíve invested a lot in time, money, travel, research and more, so now consider how it may benefit you to have a local knowledgeable person showing you around for a couple of days. Iíve done this and it has definitively benefited me in catching more fish during the guided trip and afterward.


The best reason to hire a guide is to learn new skills, new fishing methods for that particular location, and learn new water. Locally here in Wyoming I see people decide to go fishing places that they have never been before, thinking they won't need help fishing these waters successfully. Unfortunately, they usually end up not having nearly as good a time as they could have, had they hired a guide. You also learn more about the fishery, flies before striking out on your own for the rest of the trip. Simply observing which flies the guide uses and how the guide directs you to use each one will teach you a bunch about a particular fishing location. You can later apply these techniques or skills to other places you fish.


If a guide likes you in my experience he is usually willing to help you with the rest of your trip, by providing other fishing information on the area. Donít expect them to give up their personal secrete places though.


Hiring a guide can be an interesting process. You never know what your going to get. They may be hung over from a late party the night before, driving a beat up, loud, bald tired truck that you will now be going out in. On the other hand a guide never knows what he or she is in for also. I'm a fly-fishing guide so I've experienced this on both ends.


I can offer my advice here on what I do when hiring a guide.

I personally stay away from one man website guides and stick with independent guides operating out of local fly shops. Guides that make out- outlandish claims and overly brag about themselves, I donít hire. Iíve found older guides to be more knowledgeable. They are usually not relying on guide income for a living but often times guiding because they enjoy it. Several guides I work with save their summer guiding monies for hiring a guide themselves in new locations. Also older guides for me are simply more experienced at life and been fishing longer. But this is not always the case and I've had some good young guides on Trout Bumming adventures.


Consider the following questions when hiring a guide.



  • How long have they been fishing the area?
  • What kinds of rods and reels do they provide?
  • What kind of vehicle do they use and year?
  • How long have they been fly-fishing?
  • How old are they?
  • Why are you a guide?
  • What do you like about guiding?


In the same respect tell the guide a bit about yourself, your expectations, fly fishing experience and physical condition. Be honest as Iíve chatted with clients before their trips, who were supposed to be very experienced at fly fishing, that could barely cast a fly. As a guide, once I have the clients experience level and expectations, determines where I will take them.  Also if you have physical limitations tell your guide and this can help them choose fitting topography.





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