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Evening meal in a Trout Bumming Camp.  





Food and Trout Bumming


Eating Out

For me eating out all the time can be expensive when out Trout Bumming. Again with my style, I enjoy cooking meals around a campfire, and it keeps me on good fishing locations. Over time you will figure out what works good for you as I usually stick to the same meals each time. If my trip is a week or more, Ill plan for one night of fish. I personally donít care for trout, except for brookies (char) so Ill make a meal of them. I also subscribe to the catch and release philosophy and personally prefer to release fish. I do eat out when traveling from one location to the next as a treat, and keeps me moving quickly on the road. I also eat out when traveling long distances on trips, trying to quickly reach fishing locations, or returning to airports. 


Rental Car Trout Bumming Food

Food can be more challenging while Rental Car Trout Bumming.

So I plan ahead. I purchase food  at grocery stores once I arrive. I always bring a collapsible small ice chest with me for cold items. If you ask, most grocery store meat sections, will give you a bag of ice for travel. Think of foods that don't spoil quickly like canned items, cured meats, cheeses, breads and more. 


RV Food

Living in an RV I find that I eat healthy and well. I simply stock up for the planned trip and cook in style. I re-supply when I travel to new locations. 


Horses and Mules

When hiring an Outfitter for a wilderness trip, you will find that you will be eating plenty, and very good food. All those I know pride themselves on stylish meals for clients. One of the perks of the job for me. 


Motorcycle Food

Thought and preparation needs to be applied here. I have found that on my motorcycle Trout Bumming Trips, I use a combination of dehydrated backpacking food and canned foods. There is a fine line involving weight and balance when on rough back roads. Most of these trips for me involve remote locations so I plan ahead for weight. If I am moving from one location to the next I use a small expandable ice chest, and stock up with fresh fruits, vegetables and meats. Usually only enough for a couple of meals and then I revert back to backpacking foods again.


TB Tip. When backpacking and motorcycle camping consider using the Zip Lock Freezer Bag Boil System.  For those not familiar with this see links below. 


Motel Food

Depending on the motel you pick most come with a breakfast included. Some even provide snack happy hours in the evenings. Consider this when evaluating motel costs. The better the motel the better the breakfast. 

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