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Saving money for good Trout Bumming equipment






Raising Money


For me I have a steady income stream from a police pension. But I also look for other ways to fund my Trout Bumming habits.


What I’m about to say will be contrary to what some may think of the Trout Bumming lifestyle. But again it is what has worked for me and has been a better way to live. It basically boils down to “work hard save hard and play hard”.


This is mainly to younger readers out there, but can apply to anyone. These days its all about going into dept till we die so we can have the stuff we want NOW, and impress people with it who could actually care less. My wife and I have always lived within our means, paid things off early, or simply waited until we had the money saved to buy things. I know this is contrary to how we live in America now. We planned to retire early in life and be dept free and did so. I started several small business on the side while working for the state, for additional income. This has now allowed us to be outrageously generous and pursue other things we wanted to do in life. When I went on my first Trout Bumming Trip many years ago I worked first to save money for the trip. I actually miss calculated and ran out of money in Minnesota. I got a job for a short time at a feed mill and saved again like crazy, so I could be off again. My point is I did the entire trip by planning and saving. No credit card was needed. 


Dave Ramsey is a very popular and entertaining radio host these days. He offers practical solutions to living the dept free lifestyle. Tune into his radio show or take one of his classes and follow his finical advice. You will be so glad you did and you too will be able to pursue the Trout Bumming lifestyle with ease and help others along the way.


Retirement Thoughts

Consider companies that pay well and allow you time off for Trout Bumming. Invest and save as much as you possibly can starting young in life. Eat well and stay physically active every day. Stay out of dept except for your home, but plan to pay it off early and make a plan to retire early. 

One of the questions I ask all my fly fishing clients that are retired on the river is: are you glad you retired when you did, or do you wish you would have done it earlier? The answer is always the same. "I wish I would have retired earlier".


In America we seem to have it backwards. People almost always go for the money rather than the time and work late into life. They all seem to regret that decision once retired and wish they had gone for the time instead. Don’t forget a comment the aging Mr. Rockefeller made, one of the richest men in America. When asked by a reporter... How much more money do you need Mr. Rockefeller?

 His answer was simple, short and sad. “Just a little bit more”.


Work Camper.com

I have met many people when out Trout Bumming who love and live this lifestyle. They work in parks, resorts, ranches, campgrounds, on lakes, rivers and streams. They work an average of 20 hours a week and in exchange for that, have an RV campsite with electrical/water provided for free. All have told me they love it. Again its not for everyone but adopts itself to the Trout Bumming lifestyle.



You love to fish why not share that passion and knowledge with others. I personally love guiding and helping others learn to fly fish. I have made friends with people all over the nation. Besides you will begin to get big discounts on fishing equipment and this all becomes a tax write off. Talk to your local fly shop about possibly working part time thus gaining experience and a trade, that could be used later in life anywhere.



Consider writing about your passion if you happen to be talented in this area. Fly fishing magazines pay well for stories and good photography. Try contacting them about story ideas where you live. Again all research and activity is a tax write off.


Selling your own product or service

Maybe you have something you could sell. The fly shop I guide for is always trying to get us to tie flies for them, and pay quite well. Local flies always sell well and cant be tied by some little kid in China.

I also sell my photography services and some of my unusual photography. 

In other words think of things and services that can create part time income for you in your area. Pay off your bills, retire early, and have money for future Trout Bumming Trips.


Trade a Trout Bumming Trip

Trading a trip can be enjoyable and cost saving! I’ve successfully done this on several occasions. One example for me was I met a fellow at a Fish and Wildlife conference from Alaska. He really loved steelhead fishing. He wanted to hunt quail in the west so we traded trips, with him staying with us for 5 days and we stayed with him for a week. We even used each others vehicles. Both trips were very successful for each of us. Later we traded  trips again. The cost savings was huge for an Alaskan fly fishing adventure. 

We meet like minded people along the road of life where you just seem to click. These are the kind of people to purpose this concept to.  


Casting Further...


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