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Trout Bumming Motorcycle loaded with Camping gear, Fly fishing equipment and a Pack Raft

for accessing hard to get to Lakes.  






ATV's and Motorcycle Trout Bumming



ATV's are excellent tools for getting one into the back country.

They can be parked and hiking further can be anther option employed. I have never come across anyone using them as a camping tool except myself. They seem to be made just for that though.

ATV's can carry a bunch of gear. Start with your backpacking setup and move up from there. Always carry your fly rod in a hard tube on a ATV. Depending on the type of ATV you have, always bring a solar shower with you. They all seem to make you dusty and at the end of the day, it feels good to get all that dust off of you.



More and more retiring people are buying motorcycles' usually Harley’s for travel. But the Adventure/ Duel Sport motorcycle market is beginning to take off for those preferring the back dirt roads of America. These bikes are perfect for getting one out of the big cities and in into the back country, thus Trout Bumming. Years ago I chose the Kawasaki KLR650 because of  its bullet proof reputation and 20 plus hard core use in the military. This is also the bike preferred by people that ride the world by motorcycle, choosing it because of its old style technologies. They are very inexpensive compared to all other adventure motorcycles on the market. If you ever consider this type of bike look at 2010 or newer.

KLR's have a sort of cultish following around the world and because of that you can find many resources for them, on the Internet. Enough said about the KLR.

I simply love motorcycle travel and as a teenager began riding bikes. As I have mentioned before in 1979 I set off on a motorcycle (Honda 750K) for a year, Trout Bumming around the USA. It was one of the most enjoyable times in my life!



Motorcycle Camping

I basically have a set of light weight backpacking gear that always stays packed in the hard bags of my KLR. I simply add food, drink and the fishing system needed for the planed trip. This simple camping system has a tent, sleeping bag/pad, break down camp chair, cook set, grill, fabric ice chest, shower and other camping gear. I will often bring along a Dave Scaden Aircraft float tube because its so light, or pack raft for lakes and rivers. Both boats weigh only 4 pounds. For fly rods, I usually stay with Orvis Frequent Flyer rods.


But as much fun as  motorcycle Trout Bumming can be it is not for everyone. Depending on how and where you ride they can be dangerous. I personally make it a rule never to ride in big city’s or after dark. I plan routes around city’s. I'm usually camping so I like to set up my camps before dark.  I always take my time and become super aware of my surroundings and potential up-coming hazards. In my 40 plus years of riding I have only had three accidents. Two when I was young riding “go fast motorcycles” fast, and once on a Trout Bumming trip. That one, a lady didn’t see me and pulled out in front of me.

Weather on a bike is always an issue and one must be willing to deal with that. 

Here is a video of a guy in Alaska that uses the combination of motorcycle and pack rafting. Warning its a bit long. Click here.




One of the ways I use a motorcycle for Trout Bumming is to haul it in our toy hauler trailer. From an RV location I can plan easy two night trips away, into more remote locations for fishing.


I also use a motorcycle when researching rivers and lakes for the stories I write for fly fishing magazines.


Casting Further...








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