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Fly Tying for Trout Bums

If you are going to be serious about the Trout Bumming lifestyle it will involve tying your own flies. Fly tying can be addictive like fly fishing. You will find yourself dragged into strange new worlds and develop unusual behaviors like the following. 


  • Catching and studying bugs more carefully.  
  • Buying a fish stomach pump to look over insect contents from fish bellies.  
  • Unusual conversations with friends about the recent bug you caught  
  • Longing for a better vice 
  • The never ending search for the perfect scissors.  
  • Carrying a large utility scissors and sharp knife in a bloodied, smelly zip lock bag for snipping off pieces from rotten road kills.  
  • Making U-Turns on highways to check out that road kill more closely for hair or feathers.  
  • Wandering into sewing stores in search of one of a kind fly tying materials.  
  • This also includes knitting and bead stores.  
  • Cutting back on buying flies except for the intentional support of fly shops or buying just "one" to dissect and then duplicating it by tying numerous others yourself.  
  • Suddenly you find yourself subscribing to fly tying magazines. 


 I have three different fly tying kits made up for different uses.  

One is very small and lightweight for backing, motorcycle and ATV travel. 

Another is for horse packing and rental car Trout Bumming. It is slightly larger yet a portable kit.

I was smitten many years ago by the fly tying bug and converted a room into a fly tying lodge. Large tables and numerous drawer systems filled with feathers hooks and synthetics. This is my large permanent station. 



There are so many benefits to tying flies.  Below are a few. 


  • Save allot of money 
  • Forces you to learn more about Entomology 
  • It's fun! 
  • Catch more fish
  • If you run out of a good pattern simply tie more
  • Creates income when you sell them. 
  • Give them away to friends or people you meet on the river. 
  • Create unique flies for specific areas. 
  • It's relaxing and a stress reliever. 
  • Can be used as a group activity. 
  • Family activity. 
  • Lastly, there's something about catching fish on your own hand tied fly! 


Below are a few articles on tying your own flies. 


Casting Further  


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