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Using boats always produces better fishing results for Trout Bums. Keep your Trout Bum Boats simple so they are easily portable to the next destination. 








For Trout Bumming trips the simpler, mufti use, more compact, the better! Hauling around a motorboat can be costly, lead to mechanical issues and more. Iíve owned a few boats over the years and had a several patrol boats assigned to me, and can attest to the old saying..... A boat is a hole in the water that you throw money into. Instead consider small man propelled craft.  I recommend the following.


Float Tubes

These are incredible devices. They are light weight, pack down small for travel, can be taken on airlines, and more. Consider Outcast and Dave Scadden Outdoors. Buy one designed to keep your butt out of the water.


Inflatable Pontoon Boats

Pointed pontoons with a frame and seat on top. Warmer, more maneuverable, faster, but have a frame to haul around. Can be used on moving rivers. Lightweight backpacking gear can be taken on board for over night camping trips.


Pack Rafts

I love pack rafts. They have many uses, like hiking and fishing a couple of days up a river system, blow up your pack raft and float back down. They are also perfect for hiking into high elevation lakes. They work good for motorcycle Trout Bumming also. These are inflatable very durable, expensive sort of kayaks. Perfect for backpacking trips as they are very light weight usually around four pounds. Can be used for airline travel, because they are compact, fitting easily in suitcases. Paddles also break down into four compact pieces. Surprisingly they have not caught on as I expected with fly fisherman.

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Hard shelled, light weight, very maneuverable and many manufacturers sell them set up for fishing. Fast and can cover long distances quickly. Small ones can be transported easily. Lightweight backpacking gear can be taken on board for over night camping trips.



More difficult to transport. Can be great for mufti over night trips involving two people. Good for rivers and lakes. Heavier camping gear can be hauled in them.


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