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Crossing a Creek on the way to secret Golden Trout Lakes in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming. 




Horses and Mules


Where we live, fish and guide, there are only two ways of transporting heavy camping, fishing and personal equipment into the rugged Wind River Mountain Range. That is by horse/mule or lama. Fisherman from all the world travel to these mountains, just to catch large Golden trout. The world record golden comes from here. So to reach these beautiful yet seldom caught fish, horse packing is often used. We go to places even a mule cant get into. So we also utilize backpacking our fishing equipment into even higher elevations. The horses are left eating back in a camp. 


Horses and mules are magnificent creatures but require continuous care and exercise, as well as specialized equipment for these tasks. We have owned horses over the years and I used them for my work with the state.  But, because they can tie one down to home, which isn't exactly good for traveling Trout Bums, we sold them.  Now a days I work for an outfitter when needed, and use his equipment and beasts.  If this is where your passion lies as a horse owner, it can make for some very interesting and comfortable Trout Bumming in the back country. You will fish places most only dream of fishing. For more on this specialized lifestyle see the below links. 


Casting Further... 


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