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Below are a few selected comments from previous clients.  We have removed their last names.  Spelling and grammar have not been corrected. 


I had the great pleasure to have Mark Quigley guide me on a fly fishing trip in Dubois, WY. I did not know the first thing about fly fishing and I have never been in a float tube. Mark started our trip by first taking the time to show me some basic fly fishing techniques. He was so patent and receptive to my constant questions. Once I felt comfortable he took me out fishing. Once we were on the water he took the time to show me how to work the float tube and how to fish from it. I was so excited when I limited out on my first day. After being around Mark for just a short period of time it obvious that he extremely knowledgeable about fly fishing and very passionate about teaching it to others. I was impressed with his ability to constantly put us on fish. He end our time together by helping me catch the largest trout I have ever caught in my life. I landed the most beautiful Cutthroat trout and you know what I think Mark was just as excited as I was. I cannot say enough about his professionalism, skill, knowledge and his down to earth and friendly attitude. I hope to be able got to Wyoming again so my children can get lessons and time with Mark.    Terry 

Thank you Mark for taking us out on our first fly fishing adventure!  We could not have had a better guide! We were able to fish the river successfully, and also caught a bunch from the boat!  That was so much fun!  You take great pride in your work and it shows... very professional and knowledgeable, and a whole lot of fun. We can't wait to come back and do some more fly fishing.  You are a great guide and a true friend!  Thank you!!!!  Chere

Mark is one of the best, knowledgeable and likeable fishing guides we have ever used and we have used many.  He knows his areas and you can tell, been fly fishing a very long time.  He was even willing to share places in Montana that he likes to fish and we did well there too! Mark we will be back again and thank you for one of the most enjoyable flyfishing days we have ever had.  Tom  


I used Mark Quigley's services a few years ago. I had plenty experience with rod/reel fishing but absolutely none with fly fishing. Mark began by going over the basics with me casting and reeling in a grassy area. Once I had leaned how to cast and reel we went to a river where I was able to catch my first fish within minutes. The next day we traveled to a lake and fished from float tubes. From there I was hooked, pun intended.  Mark's vast knowledge of fly fishing did not begin and end with the techniques he taught.  Mark showed me about the various insects that were hatching that morning and he then proceeded to tie flies imitating those insects.  Mark was an exceptional teacher, extremely patient and kind and very knowledgeable about fly fishing and the local area. I would highly recommend Mark and would use him again. Brett


Having never been fly fishing before I wasn't sure if I would like it or not. Any doubts I may have had were soon forgotten when I caught my first trout and by the end of the trip and many fish later, I was hooked. Your expertise and knowledge made the entire experience extremely enjoyable as well as educational. Your friendly, polite personality made for pleasant company throughout the day and I would strongly recommend the experience to anybody. Look forward to a trip with him again! Mark 

If you are looking to hire a flyfish guide in Wyoming Mark is the guy for who ever is reading this.  Besides his knowledge of the area he works in and his easy going personality he knew where to take us on a rainy day and catch fish.  The day we had planned for fishing was wet yet it is one of the best fishing days of my life.  Mark came highly recommended by a friend so I too can easily recommend him. Thank you Mark. Jim  

Mark gave away two full days of fly fishing near Teton National Park to help support our club.  We won the raffle drawing and planned a summer vacation along with his two days of fishing.  I fish with many different people in my club and sometimes I'm often glad the day is over.  But with Mark we had some of the best fishing ever in the West and he is enjoyable to be with. And I wished each of those days didn't go by so fast. The words, Time flies when your having fun, applied.  I'm sure glad we won the trip and plan to be back for more later.  I've recommended Mark to other club members going west for flyfishing.  Thank you for your generous two days! Fred 

Wow what an experience we had when fishing with Mark in wy. We had 4 totally different types of fishing trips, from small streams, small rivers, lake fishing to and blue rippon rivers.  Mark was knowledgeable, professional, kind and fun to be with.  The scenery was fantastic! Fishing outstanding! We were novice fishermen and he made us feel  comfortable and at home I totally recommend Mark for an experience to see beautiful Wyoming! Bob and Mike

I'm writing this to let others out there know that Mark is a very generous man.  Each year he donates several trips to fly fishing clubs, church outdoor groups and other organizations.  Each he takes fishing for 2 full days and it costs no one anything.  Im unaware of other guides that do this.  If you are able to schedule Mark,  because he's hard to pin down on open days, I recommend doing so.  Prior planning helps with this guide.  Sam

l bring you, a Wonderful Life Adventure. I took the time to go on a guided trip with Mark Quigley and boy was I surprised at the way it would enhance and change my life. That experience was years ago but many times I take a mental vacation and still stroll through all the wonderful things that we participated in on that boat trip, the river, catching a multitude of fish and Great Fellowship. It is a memory I will never forget! Mark Quigley is a incredible experienced fishing guide and accomplished Outdoorsman you will never regret hiring this man and building a lifetime memory. Gary

I've had the privilege of knowing Mark for the past 25 years. We met on the Gallatin River in Montana. He taught me fly-fishing techniques that added to my early success. He also introduced me to fly tying and float tubing. My boys also enjoyed fishing with Mark and looked forward to our annual rendezvous.

As a guide, I would highly recommend him because of his dedication and patience. I guarantee that a day with Mark on the river would be a memorable one.Tom l. 


I have known Mark Quigley for many years -  but last summer I got to see him in his most natural and finest setting. If you want to do a bucket list type fishing trip I would highly recommend that you take a wilderness adventure with Mark into some of best best trout fishing in the country.  It really was a taste of heaven. Mark is extremely patient and courteous. No matter if you are just starting out or if you are a seasoned angler you will feel comfortable being guided by Mark. By all means take advantage of this once in a lifetime excursion in the wilds of Wyoming!    Tom H. 


I had the absolute best time, best guide and best service. I was honored to be accompanied by Mark Quigley... The best guide I have had to date! Dana. Yelp Comment from Marlow's Fly Shop. 



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